This is my first post in a series of BTS (Behind The Scene) posts regarding my latest photography idea “What happened to my Teddy?”

In this series you will follow me from idea to final result.

The idea
I got the idea for this image when I lay in my bed. I was thinking about a background I wanted to create, a landscape with a road and a house. This was my main idea, and I love creating images so I needed a story, suddenly I saw a boy with a flashlight in his hand. I remember I start thinking what’s the idea of standing there with a flashlight? I need the boy to target something with the flash. Then I saw a broken teddy bear in my mind. I don’t know why, but maybe because I wanted some emotions to the story and a broken Teddy is mostly something you are not happy about as a child.
I need more to the story, what did this terrorist action to this teddy?
A dog? Horse? Car? Or Aliens? An Alien should be cool; it will also make the image harder to create. I want a spaceship with an Alien leaving the place. The boy will not notice it though the broken teddy is more important for him than the environment. I also love lighting effect and the Alien ship will bring that to my image.

And as usual I mostly start to sketch my ideas. I do this because I want to know what elements I need to the image, and when I’m start painting my creative brain part starts see more things I want to bring to the image.


I this case I created footprints from an Alien, moon, lights from some of the house window(s) etc.

teddy ship house footstep

When I was done with the image I start looking for spaceship Model on eBay and a cute Teddy Bear I found this Alien ship model and this teddy. Cost me about $50.

4629823554_91a13ede91_zIMG_6976 (1)10574303_818662808145064_8230340962383675146_n

So as soon the weather got better I will take a tour with my car and look for locations for my background to start with.

to be continued…

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