(I will not use my original images in this post, so I use my iphone ant took photos of them on my monitor. I do not like the idea to watermark them on my blog and this is a way to make them bad for other to use.) 

Next step in my process is to find the locations where I can shoot images for my background. I call this step Scouting. And the scouting step can take time. My assistant Marcus and me took my car and went out for a three-hour trip to find locations close enough to certify my idea.
The sun was to high when we found some spots so we took an extra trip to spend some time to let the sun go down more and probably also find new interesting places.

The biggest part of my image is the road. So my first mission was to find a road close enough to my sketch.

After a while we found a really nice road. I wanted the road to contain some grass in the middle to increase the story and drama in the image. A flat road isn’t that adventurous.
I also wanted to have lots of grass/corn, and I found that too.


When I got the images of the road I wanted we went out to find open landscapes for the backgrounds, I do not want the forest in the background and will replace it with an open wide landscape.

It was easier, so I took some images of a wide landscape.


I also want to create a more interesting road than a straight one. So we drove around for a while to find a more interesting road. I found one and will replace the asphalt with gravel and grass in Photoshop.


I will also replace the sky with some other clouds, I haven’t choose the clouds yet. I got plenty of images of skies photographed by me so I will look for that as soon I start create the background in Photoshop.


We did not found a house interesting enough for the image, so I will scout for a house as soon I got time and a sunny day.I want an old house, with some visible window so I can add light in one of them in Photoshop to bring a story to it.

 to be continued….

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