The Background.

I have now started my work on the main background for the image.
This will be a post with more images than text. So lets go…


The black thing on top of the image is my hand. I wanted to block some of the sunlight I had in front of me. 

First of I looked for a main image for the road that got the most interesting perspective for the story.
Note: When I do my sketching I do not make it 100% accurate with the final result, my sketches are just guidelines for me. So the composition, size, format of things are not necessary my final result. And things can be added or removed later on. Part 1 – Idea the sketch

As soon I found the version of the road I liked the most I start to replace the background in it, in this case the forest with a more flat background.


I never spend to much time masking out backgrounds from start though I need to see if it all works at all. In this case I liked it and will fine-tune it later on.

When I got the background replaced I started to look for skies in my own cloud folder with tons of images. I found some I liked and added it to the image.


As soon I got the clouds in place I added my moon and increased the moon light to the image. Remember I do not have the UFO, House, and Boy yet, and as soon I got them photographed things can be moved around. So this is still not the final image.


Night feeling / Color tuning / glass
After the moon was added I start to change the image to look more like it was night outside. In this case I just added a blue solid color in color mode with opacity over the whole image. I never finalize the color tuning this early in the process. So at the moment this is just a test.
I also removed some of the grass and replaced it with a flat image of grass, this because I will add the house on that spot later on.


As soon the weather gets better I will start looking for the house I want in this image.

To be continued….

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