What happened to my Teddy? – Part 6

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 19.50.18

The boy and the Teddy


Now it was time to shoot the model, I went to the city with Leon (The boy – model) and his father (Marcus) to find some clothes. After five different stores we finally find a shirt and pants at H&M.

FullSizeRender (1)

When we bought the clothes I wanted to find the last object of the card with the guy. His flashlight. Then the picture will be taken at the country so I wanted to have an old lamp. Marcus had one on his job, which fitted perfectly.


I chose to shoot the boy outdoor in the same lighting conditions as the background. This is because of my filters I already added in Photoshop would compensate the photo with the boy.

Marcus helped me with the reflective screen that was my fill light.

I had my Elinchrom beauty dish as motivation for the moonlight.


I did some test shoots to set up the correct light condition.


And as soon I was satisfied we cut of the head of the teddy and start shoot the images.


and now its time to add him to the background and next part is the house.


to be continued…

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