Definition of done (DOD) in TFS online

Definition of done have been around for a while now. It’s a part of the scrum framework and also used in other contexts. The purpose of the definition of done list is to have a checklist that team together must follow before they can say they are done. The list is often unique and shall be created by the team in the startup process.
Some common topic if using TDD (Test driven development) can be
– Test must have been written
– Test most pass
– Code has been reviewed etc.

The list can be split into many lists if used for different phases in a Kanban board. In this post I will show you how easy it is to add a DOD list mark for alla the columns that you as a team think needs a DOD list before you can move the user story (card) to next column.

First login to your TFS Online account and your project. After that just go to the board settings.


In the settings area, go to the columns and select the column you want your Defition of Done checklist for and just add what you as a team think must be made before the user story (card) can be moved to next column.

As soon you are done and enter the board you will see this little mark


In this case I just added some text on the Active Columns Definition of done textbox.
Move your mouse over and a box will appear with the text.

Easy and very nice and helpful little feature in TFS Online.
Who is Johan Normén?
Johan Normén is 37 years old, work as a speaker,mentor, team leader, agile coach, and senior .net developer at Softhouse in Gothenburg Sweden.
He has over 18 years business experienced and worked in many different projects and roles. Was one of the creators of Swenug (Sweden .Net User Group) with over 3000 members all over the country. He started the computer era as game designer at the age of 12 with his Amiga and team. Has been nominated two time as the top 100 developers in Sweden in the Swedish version of Computer Sweden.

Twitter: @johannormen

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