Thank you Sweden for the nomination of Top 50 best developer contributors in Sweden.

Today I woke up with a notification from my father. It seemed Swedish people had nominated me for contributing to Sweden all this year within development.

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I’m flattered and honored about this. Hard work will pay itself 😀
Because of this I want to tell you my story and hope other finds it inspiring.

I started my life with an Commodore 64 in the age of 6. I really thought that computer games were cool so my curiosity increased a lot. I didn’t know much about game development; but I know I was a hell of a player. So I start look into game design. At that time there was very little information about all this computer thingy, few books about creating games. So I needed to find other people with the same interest. I did 6 years later at the age of 12. I got in contact with Martin Hedlund. He was older than me but hell of a programmer and designer on Amiga. (Today he is more famous as one core developer for the 3d engine of battlefield etc..). He showed me and my bother (Fredrik Normén) design ideas and some programming. We spent many days and years networking with him. I started to design games and manuscripts while my brother took the coding part. Later on I met this amazing graphic designer Krister Karlsson. He and some friends worked on a computer game named Shenandoah. They really got me even more inspired. Krister as a designer and Aaron as the core developer. (Read more about Krister and his game here: In Swedish).

Me and my brothers game development ended because of school. We did some demos, prototypes, and graphics though. I’m not sad that we never finished the games, I’m glad we did not, and all the knowledge it gave us.


In the age of 16-17 I got into Media Production school in three years. Under those years we started up a study coffee that was open all day and night for students. They got access to computers and books etc. It was an initiative by the school. We also had this class room “214” as we called it. It was the number of the room. Some geeks sat there all night using computer for surfing the net, play games like MUD and so on. Me and my brother was there working with html and web design. We did our schools first webpage ever J and few people understood html at that time (95-97). So I started to work as a web designer and technical support for an e-commerce company 97-99 directly after school.

After a while I started to code more than I did before. Thanks to all this knowledge regarding game design, objects, modules programming was easy to learn. So in few months I was coding front-end, back-end, did database modeling and even stat to inspire other people to create better design with the code. Why do all this lines of code and stuff when you can do it with objects and so on? Went through my head. The Single Responsibility principle (SRP) was in my blood thanks to the modular game design requirements and so on. As soon Microsoft announced next generation internet (ASP+) I rushed in to the beta versions of visual studio. I was one of the first people in Sweden download it so Computer Sweden called me and wanted me to do an article about it. ASP+ ended up with the name .Net later on.

I really loved UX, Design, Architecture, database models, clean and nice designed codes and components. It was cool and really amazing. I loved new ideas, new thoughts so I start networking with more people around the world. Java people, Microsoft peoples, designers and so on. I also was one of the top contributors on the leading developer forum “Pellesoft” around 2000-2005. I wrote articles, answer questions. This time I met Patrik Löwendhal (Who got nominated as Top 1 best contributor to Sweden this year 2015). I also reviewed around 22 .Net books for Wrox press at this time. But never wrote my own :/ sadly.

I loved this new world, object orientation, architecture, UX problems, code that really needed to get easy to maintain and so on. So I started to contribute to some open Microsoft projects like Enterprise Libraries. The name at that time was Application Blocks. As soon Microsoft started to love XML and added a sea of configuration requirements for those Application Blocks I leaved. I hated when simple things got complicated when not needed. I think I got this from my ideas and experience about user experience and so on. I used the same ideas and thoughts in my code and architecture decisions, and still do.

The year was 2003 and I wanted to start consulting, help people to be better programmers and so on. To do that I need more knowledge then games and e-commerce systems. At this time, I also met Johan Lindfors (He worked at Micosoft). We took lunches some times when he visited Gothenburg and talked about user groups and other cool stuff. He mentioned that a person called Joachim Rossberg was also interested in creating a user group so I talked to him and my bother. And this is how the project to create the biggest user group in Sweden got started. There was a User group half active in Stockholm with the same name we wanted to use so I asked if I could use it as well. It was ok the name was SweNug. The main goal with SwenNug was to let people know there is more than just what Microsoft Sweden tell you there is. We wanted people to know that ORM exist, Dataset is the worst idea ever and Domain Driven Design will help people create better and more designed domains. My goal was to make SweNug the biggest user group in Sweden.


At the same time Johan Lindfors offered me, my brother, Fredrik Klarqvist, Patrik Conrneliusson (Fredrik and Patrik was known by the community swedsecure. They loved security) and Andreas Håkansson (known as TheCodeJunkie and the Nancy creator.) the opportunity to get the .net alpha 2.0 platform and build a reference architecture based on it for Microsoft. But the platform should not just be a reference architecture, Lindfors also got this idea that it shall be a product for people to use. He had a cool idea that almost looked like Stackowerflow but even before Stackoverflow even existed. We never finished this job because Microsoft got to many complaints regarding promoting ASP .Net 2.0 features before people even understood ASP .Net 1.0 so they stopped sedning us new versions and documents regarding ASP .Net 2.0. Sadly but true…

With all this energy to do good for the developers in Sweden me, Patrik Löwendhal, my brother and Dag König (Now employee of Microsoft Sweden) had an event in Gothenburg called Swenug Architecture Summit. It was an open space event. We got .net people, java people at this meeting. This was the first time I met Jimmy Nilsson (Knows as the Domain Driven Design guru), Roger Alsing (now known as the creator of Akka .Net). We talked about Relationship mappers, Domain driven design, design patters, SOA and lots more. It was a milestone for all of us in our growing carriers.

To not make this story to long I will speed up the 12 years after 2003.
I talked to seminars like, Swenug, nForum, Developer Summit, Road shows with Microsoft, road shows with Dotway, Pimp My Code with Cornerstone and lots more. Contributed to Microsoft projects, educated students and so on. Steve Ballmer even had a world tour when he talked about an Azure solution I created for Volvo IT and the Twilight Movie. Iit has been wonderful geeky years J And I could not have done all this without all you guys I mentioned in this blog and others I forgot to mention as well.

And here I am now… 2015 with the nomination as top 10 contributor for the developers in Sweden.

I can say that, it has been fun, lots of work and I have met so many wonderful people out there.
That have helped me as well, I got inspired by them, and I hopefully inspired some of them too.

And thank for all of you who have nominated me…